Karlovy Vary is the most famous Czech spa situated about 120 km west of Prague near to German border. It dates back to 14th century founded by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. The 12 hot springs of Karlovy Vary spread its fame all over Europe. The spring waters are used to treat all kinds of disorders and for general well-being.
Among the most prominent visitors of Karlovy Vary are the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, Goethe, Beethoven, Chopin, Sigmund Freud and the list continues to present including celebrities, royalties and presidents. The present appearance of Karlovy Vary centre is a result of the booming prosperity at the turn of 20th century and it is dominated by beautifully restored Art Nouveau buildings.
We recommend not leaving from your hotel later than 9am as the Karlovy Vary Tour takes 9 to 10 hours. On the way to Karlovy Vary beer break at Krušovice Brewery is an option. Brewery tour is also available at additional cost, booking in advance is recommended.
Our walk in Karlovy Vary will follow the promenade route from the times of greatest glamour. Mill Colonnade, Market Colonnade and the splendid Grand Hotel Pupp certainly will take you back to the glorious past. The Hot Spring geyser reaching up to 12m, Russian Orthodox Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and the Church of Mary Magdalene no doubt will make you take out your camera. The Spa wafers, the Mattoni sparkling water and the famous herbal Becherovka liquor are in the must taste list in their home town. Thun porcelain and Mosser crystal are yet other products, which Karlovy Vary is famous of.
After a lunch (not included in the price, but a restaurant will be suggested) you will have some time to explore Karlovy Vary by your own.
We get back to Prague before dinner.

Tour information

Karlovy Vary Tour duration: 9 to 10 hours
Suggested starting time: not later than 9 am

Price includes a qualified guide speaking your chosen language. It does not include admission fees and transport costs; transport costs may vary depending on exact number of persons.

Tour Sights

Elisabeth Spa, Park Colonnade, Mill Colonnade, Market Colonnade, Chateau Spa, Hot Spring Colonnade, Church of Mary Magdalene, Grand Hotel Pupp, Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Emperor Spa, Vitezlav Nezval Theatre

Prices and Booking

Prices depend on the chosen language and number of persons attending.
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